The Lab activities, a coworking space

On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, the LAB becomes a coworking place (= shared workspace). Another way for community agents to work outside their offices, another way to take a step back and do together !

The Lab’s projects

The LAB is currently tackling problematic policies or measures implemented by the Regional council. Through workshops, field reports, user interviews and exchange with local actors, the LAB goes back to the heart of the issues, and prototypes solutions.

How to clarify the intricacies of employment training’s public and private funding in Health and Social institutes to both students and lolac actors ?
How to get in touch with citizens, from the notification letter to the actual payment of a grant? How to deliver clear information to them ?
How to bring Champagne-Ardenne region to be in a fair approach to territories within its boundaries ?
How to contact potential users of EU funds? And clarify very technical information ?
How to promote resource sharing among regional cultural actors (sets, costumes, small equipment …) ? …

Lunch breaks at the Lab

The LAB organizes a series of events, in the form of meetings and workshops open to anyone interested, civil servants and citizens alike. A friendly lunch-time break to talk, share information, pitch a project, meet the actors of innovation…

The issues of the civil servant professions, the assessment of our public policies, the emergence of collaborative work processes within the administration, and the introduction of meditation classes in the workplace are so many topics and ideas we want to explore in order to build new ways of working collectively.

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